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Hi I'm Pauline...I live in Hampshire with my husband and 2 daughters..

I found craft in 2009 and haven't looked back... it keeps me sane whilst my husband is working away..which can be up to 10 months of the year :( i love Music.. rock/metal music is my fav.. I live 357 miles away from my family and friends who i miss every day , so i escape into Pauline's world whenever i can... sat in my craft room where time flies by...The photo below is me on my honeymoon in the Maldives... Kuredu Island truly is the bounty advert...

mrs o

mrs o
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Aquatints and sneak peek 2

Today I'd like to share with you a sneak peak from Saturdays show.. I made a canvas using one of Sheena Douglass new stencils and the fabulous new aquatints..
I decanted some into spray bottles as I love to spritz..

This is spritzing over gesso and craft paste.. I gesso'd some flowers and buttons and added the aquatint.. I used a water spritz as well  to make it run and cover so as to use just a tiny bit of ink .. I then added some of the metallic gold with a brush ( I didn't put the gold in a spritz bottle as it's a little thicker than the vibrant colours.. But I'm guessing if you mixed it with water to thin it down  or mix it with a colour it would work just fine).. I highlighted the paste with black (you get  black in the essentials set..) and some pebeo wax.. 
OO  did I mention.. There are 6 sets of aquatints.. I got to work with the bright and the essential sets.. 
Reet.. Thanks for your visit
Crafty hugs
Pauline xx 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Have you heard about aquatints??

Afternoon all.. Sneak peek alert ...
Well Back in February I spent a few days away with my fellow inkoids and Sheena up in the beautiful northeast of England, and whilst there, we were given some brand new spectrum noir inks to play with.. They are called Aquatints .. A water based ink.. Boy did we put them through their paces.. They are very lush vibrant colours, but there is also metallic gold and silver too and a white that can be mixed with the vibrant colours to make em pastel.. Sooooooooo versatile .. They blend beautifully ,  they spritz, they do what a good ink can do.. I loves them I do!!! You know me and colour.. I love vibrant!! 
So anyways.. This coming weekend   Saturday 9am create and craft TV sky 674 will launch a weekender deal with Sheena Douglass and these fab new inks will be on the show.. (along with some fab new stamps and stencils)
I'm currently away from home but here is a sneak peek at a card I've made using the new 'tints' (I've nicknamed em).. And Sheena's new Africa themed stamps.. 

Hope you can join us for the launch of these fab new inks.. 
Thanks for the visit, 
Crafty hugs
Pauline x 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Today's the day!

So Wor Sheena is on TV TODAY!!! 9am sky channel 674 create and craft TV.. 
Here are my final samples... 

Using the new set of luminarte silks.. And SN pens and pencils

Using distress ink

Using H2o's...

Short n sweet.. Hope you can tune in at 9am
Crafty hugs
Pauline xx 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

sneak peek 3


so the launch of Sheena's new stamps is tomorrow at 9am..
here are 3 more of my samples...

starting with the Dragon....

simple card coloured with distress ink and SN pens and pencils
next the mermaid....                                                                                                             

coloured with distress ink and SN pens and pencils
 Next the Galleon.....

I used the new silks set that will be on the show.. craft paste.. gesso embossing powder.. and some cheese cloth.. oo and some pearls...

so there you have it.. another sneak peek of 3 out of the 6 new stamp sheets..

thank you for your visit.. you can get more inspiration from the Inkoids HERE

crafty hugs
Pauline x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sneak peek 2

Morning all...
So only 3 days till you can get your hands only this new magical range from the lovely Sheena Douglass..
So which of my pretties will I show you today... 
Shall I do another 1 of each??? Oh go on then ;-)

Starting with... The dragon.....

I coloured him with spectrum noir pens n pencils.. I stood him on a background of craft paste, which I gesso'd in black and when dry I dry brushed white gesso over it and then added a little silver pebeo wax... He's so cool.. 

Next.. The haunted galleon....

This one I did with the new set of silks... And some white distress stain.. I sanded the edges to give it an authentic old spooky look... Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 

Nexttttt..... My little mermaid friend... 

Isn't she fab... Ohhh to have a body like that (well...not the fish tail)... 
I coloured her with SN pens and pencils.. The background is H2os... 

So there you have it... 
You can find more inspiration HERE
Sheena will be demoing these new stamps this Friday at 9am sky channel 674..
Thank you for your visit
Crafty hugs
Pauline x 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sneak peek

Good morning...
Well I don't know where to start.. I'm about to give you a sneak peek of just 1 sample for the new 'magical' stamps from Sheena Douglass... 
I was lucky enough to be given 3 out of the 6 new A6 plates to work with.. 
Regular visitors will know my fav stamps are 'flowers' and mostly nature... (and birds I do love birds) so when Sheena was drawing these I was a little apprehensive as fantasy is really out of my comfort zone... But you know what.. It's good to get out of your comfort zone!
I had a ball using these stamps and I love em!  
I'm so glad I said yes to trying out these fab stamps.. Because I've loved every minute of using them.. And it's good to not just be a one trick pony.. ( I even used acetate!! YEY go me!! Lol) 
Sheena has 1 show this coming Friday at 9am (I will confirm this Thursday) create and craft TV sky channel 671..
Also before I show you I would like to publicly welcome 2 new inkoids into our fold... Yvonne and Astrid.. You will see their work on the show..
So here is my first samples (it is hard to choose which one to start with.. Normally we choose 1 a day... But I did so many samples I think I may show you 1 from each plate a day) (I'm so gobby this morning.. Ha not like me eh lol)  
Starting with...
The dragon...

I coloured him with spectrum noirs pens and pencils... The background is tissue paper and H2os.. 

Next.. The haunted galleon ..
Aye me hearties there be a storm comin.. 

This is made with a brand new set of luminarte silks... These colours are absolutely gorgeous... 
I used my nemesis (acetate) on this card... Told you.. So much out of my comfort zone ... But man did I have a ball with these fantastic new stamps...

Lastly for today...

The mermaid... Omg I was soooooooo excited when I received her... She is my fav.. ( don't tell the dragon and ship that) 

I used her with the under water set from last year... 
I stamped in silks, and coloured her with speccies.. And added a top layer of silks to her tail... 
I have adored using these stamps... I think they are a little bit different.. 
I hope you like em... 
And will tune in to see Sheena on Friday at 9am 
( I'm probably gonna get into a heap of trouble for showing you 3 cards.. But.. I'm excited for this launch... You will have a great deal of artistic fun with these stamps for sure)
Thanks for visiting 
Crafty hugs
Pauline xx 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A little bit more Christmas

I'm blogging another sample from
Tomorrow's Sheena Douglass show.. 
The show times are... 8am and 4pm sky channel 674...
So here it is

Traditional colours... Using mowed lawn (or cut grass as I call it) and festive berries.. ( yeah I call it festive berries lol) 
I used the fir branch plate.. 
I stamped the music without an acrylic block as I wanted a part stamped effect.. 
Reet that's me for today.. Short and sweet.. ( I sure am;-) )
Have a great one peops.. 
Crafty hugs
Pauline x 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A little bit Christmas

A quick one from me.. Sheena is back on TV on Friday (12th sept.. times to be confirmed..)
So I thought I'd show you a sample I've made for the show..
It's a Christmas show with her latest Christmas stamp release.. And folders too..
You know me I like contemporary vibrant and blingy lol..

This is using my faithful h2o's the snow flake embossing folder and the HUGE sentiment stamp.. Also a little gilding wax..

I'll post show times when she knows them..
Thanks for your visit, 
Crafty hugs
Pauline x 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Swimmin wiv the fishhhes

I'm not gonna lie.. I'm having a bout of lack of confidence ATM...
I locked myself away into my craft cave and got out the Dylusion inks and some Dyan Reevely stamps and cheered myself up.. 
I decided to make a canvas... 

Using the under the sea plates from Dyan Reevely..

I used a lot of stuff.. Embossed card, deco art media paint, craft paste (that I mixed with distress glitter to get a sandy look as I'm waiting for the new sand paste to arrive.. It's ordered!!)

It's a happy canvas.. 
Thanks for your visit.. 
Crafty hugs (and I need em today as I'm feeling very off my game)
Pauline xx 

Monday, 1 September 2014

creative blogger hop

Morning All....
                         I was asked by the lovely Wendy McCarthy if I'd like to join the Creative Bloggers Hop.. Its a continuous hop every Monday with a host of inspirational bloggers taking part each week..
so onto the questions...

Question 1....
 What am I working on?....  I could tell you, but then id have to kill you lol...  Im currently working with some new products that I really cant tell you about just yet... and also some new stamps from Sheena Douglass that will be released in the near future..

Question 2.....
How does my work differ from others in my genre?...
Good question.... Im not too sure it does.. as a rule I don't have a plan when I start a project, I craft off the cuff so to speak... so no note books for me...

Question 3.....
Why do I create what I do?.....
It really depends on my mood to be honest.. I have blue days, I have green days, but mostly I have vibrant days..
If you met me... you'd notice my clothes are always dark.. predominantly black coz that's what I love to wear... so I express myself with colour in my work..  my work is the complete opposite to me.. usually exploding in colour..
I find painting therapeutic, so if im feeling a little off, I head into my craftroom to escape the gloom..

Question 4......
How does your creative process work?
It differs each time for me.. Sometimes I can start with simply choosing a colour scheme.. or choosing a medium to use...
other times I have a stamp I simply want to use.. and create the background to compliment..
Some days I can spend a full day working on an idea.. (and bin it)..  other days I can create 8-10 totally different cards..
It all depends on my head space being in 'the zone' 
I know I really enjoy creating...

Now for my 2 nominees...

Kath Halstead  ... Kath was one of the first people to take me under her wing with craft.. She is a fantastic loyal friend and her ideas and designs (she designs for Imagination crafts) are fabulous.. please check out her blog..

Lindsay Jolly ....   Lindsay is another lady whose arty inspiration I really appreciate.. she is currently at collage studying art and her work is awesome...
please stop by and say hi...

Reet... that is about it... thank you for your visit and taking time to read about me...

crafty hugs
Pauline xxxx